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They in fact protect the skin from cold water and there are plenty other things that have to be taken along with for an enjoyable scuba dive. Minor equipments like knives collection bad, sheath, dive flag, dive boat, these equipments though ignored often can play a vital role in the safety under the waters. The better one is prepared with the checklist of scuba gear the more they could enjoy. Dive lights are not used in the murky lake waters but also it is useful in the night times under the

The best method to stop forgetting the essential things for a dive trip is to have a checklist of scuba gear. If one is planning to make a dive drive actually, it is important to ensure to have the scuba gear overhauled. If one has to enjoy the scuba dive they ought to keep the checklist ready and should divide it into 2 groups. For the actual dive one ought to ensure that they have the following equipment


When on a boat in the ocean, one at times cannot avoid the heavy winds. Therefore it is important to carry the windbreaker. And towels are very essential after one gets back on the boat after the dive. Snacks and lunch is also important and always do not expect the team to provide with meals. If hungry quick snacks like granola bars, fruit and beverages would help one from being hungry. If there is a fridge on the board one could consider taking a sandwich with them. Therefore, it is very important to have a perfect scuba gear kit prior to having taking up the scuba


The first thing is the mask and this is very important for clear visibility. And if one is making use of the goggles remember it would put too much pressure as one goes deeper. Snorkel is utilized mainly to preserve the air at the surface of the tank. And the fins help to move around 30 feet

At his inquest in October at the West London Coroner's Court, Dr. Fiona Wilcox heard that Harry had been free-diving using equipment borrowed from a friend and was diving in deeper water than he was normally used to. 

In a prevention of future deaths letter issued Friday, the coroner said the poor management of the watchtower system in place at the resort meant it could not be established who was on duty at the time . 

Apple's purchase marks the latest sign the iPhone maker is closer to revealing its augmented reality and virtual reality headset, which sources told CNET in 2018 was planned for sometime this year. The headset is expected to use AR technology, which overlays computer images on the real world, and VR, which tricks your brain into believing you've been transported into a computer program. But more importantly, it could signal Apple's next major product reveal, following the iPhone in 2007, iPad in 2010 and Apple Watch in 2014.

She said that the Peligoni Club - which has offices in Shepherds Bush, West London -should consider instructing an expert to see whether the club should have on site scuba equipment and staff that would allow them to perform a deep-water rescue.

Then there's the culinary exploration. The island's menus are a melting pot of global deliciousness: international cuisine including Jamaican, European and Japanese are perfectly paired with fresh local ingredients.

The California startup is mostly known for partnerships with the NBA and Wimbledon to stream live sports from specialized cameras set up courtside to people's headsets at home. The effect is meant to make people feel as though they're sitting in premium seats, watching the game. NextVR also struck deals to stream music events and some of the debates from the 2016 presidential race.

A coroner has blasted the lack of safety measures at an exclusive Greek resort after the son of Princess Diana's lady-in-waiting died in a free-diving accident while working there as a water sports instructor. 

In the sleepy mountain city of Kalofer in central Bulgaria, dozens of men dressed in traditional white embroidered shirts waded into the icy Tundzha River on Monday waving national flags and singing folk songs.

NextVR, founded in 2009, raised $115.5 million, according to startup tracker Crunchbase. Apple confirmed the news, saying it “buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.” The acquisition was earlier reported by 9to5Mac and Bloomberg.

Where Apple's headset will ultimately fall is still unclear. The VR market is still considered nascent, with sales still a fraction of those of smartphones and computers. But with the coronavirus pandemic forcing millions of people to shelter in their homes, experts say headset makers have an opportunity to offer us escape or even a better way to work. 

Over in West Bay, water babies and wildlife enthusiasts are in their personal playground, ticking off must-dos such as exploring the beachside Barker's National Park, horse riding in the surf or searching out shelled friends at Turtle Reef. 

A bucket list's entry to tick off is Stingray City, which is not to be dismissed as some sort of amusement park. Here, on a sand bank in the middle of the North Sound, you can meet, greet and feed the friendliest rays imaginable. First attracted by the unwanted catches fishermen dumped here decades ago, the rays now show up daily for snacks from tourists. Meanwhile, in Babylon, a deep dive into the waters will pay you back tenfold as you swim by black corals, barrel sponges, parrot fish (whose coral chomping makes the sand on the beaches so soft). 

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