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'In the months of March to April in Lopez Matteo grey whales come to the lagoons to raise their new-born calves - showing them how to dive and survive before they make their journey back to the cold waters of Alaska.

'I understand the ecology and animal behaviour and can predict how an animal might react to me and how I should behave around it myself. I have never had a bad interaction with an animal, it's more so the wild weather to watch

ughed. 'I was diving multiple times a week discovering local shore dives around the coast, but we would head out on a boat to see the best places - seal colonies, caves, islands, rocky reefs and kelp

There are many occasions when you'll need to adjust your mask strap and so ensure that you find the mask easy to adjust. If you wear gloves when diving then make sure you can adjust it quickly and easily with gloves on. And while on the subject of mask straps, remember to always carry a spare – it is one of the more common equipment failures and the lack of a spare may mean you have to remain on the boat when everyone else is enjoying the submarine world.

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Those are the most important factors to consider both when buying a new scuba mask or using rental equipment from a dive centre. By ensuring a good fit you ensure your own comfort and safety while a combination of the other factors will mean you get many happy years of service from your scuba mask.

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This is purely a matter of personal preference and you may not have any preference at all. The traditional colour for masks, and all dive equipment in fact, was black due to the use of neoprene. These days silicone is used instead for masks, which is more flexible and less susceptible to sun damage. Silicone can be supplied transparent or in  a multitude of shades due to the use of colouring agents, but many people still choose black. However, some people claim masks made with transparent silicone give better visibility due to the greater amount of light allowed to enter.

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Dead 40ft fin whale washes up on beach in Essex as operation… Amazing moment brave swimmer comes within inches of huge… Incredible moment humpback whale completely breaches from… Whale hello there! Incredible moment tourist is able to pet…

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High quality scuba masks feature a silicone skirt that thins towards the edge, allowing for a better and more comfortable fit against the skin of the face. Often you'll see a second skirt inside the upper edge of the skirt that allows a better seal. Its absence at the bottom is to allow water to drain more easily from inside the mask.

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