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I'm heading to Boston in a few days to get a 5 day vacation. I literally cannot wait! I'm going to be visiting my friends from Australia; we've kept in close contact over the years and try to visit once in awhile. Boston has great climate this time around of year, too! I'm excited to look at some restaurants and explore a bit so definitely let me know when you have any suggestions!(Image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/jK3cOu69K74/hqdefault.jpg) We also have a fresh obsession to share: Banana breads breakfast cookies. Normally I'd say regular cookies, but since these flavor like banana bread AND oatmeal, I'm actually quite in love. And when chocolates chips are tossed in the blend? OMG! Plus they just take quarter-hour to make and clock in at around 60 calories per cookie. YES! This really isn't a good recipe. It's me letting you know to mix two things jointly for sweet satisfaction you don't have to experience guilty about. For reals. No odd processed ingredients from a container. Just all natural stuff. Dairy free of charge. Gluten Free (make use of GF oats). Nut free. Vegan. Vegetarian. I think they're an excellent breakfast (or healthy treat!) for whoever you might be. That's unless you're allergic to bananas or oats. Sorry! The possibilities are endless with one of these small bites! Try adding in a few of the following to make it your own: vanilla extract vanilla beans chocolate chips coconut flakes cocoa nibs Hope you love a cookie or two for breakfast time! xoxo 5.0 from 5 reviews Ingredients If desired you can add in some of the next: vanilla extract vanilla beans chocolate chips coconut flakes cocoa nibs Preheat oven to 350 levels F. Place oats in blender or food processor and blend until oats become the regularity of flour; it's alright if it's not perfectly ground. In large dish combined mashed banana with oats until even. Add in 1/2 glass of your preferred add in; I used dark chocolate chips and a teaspoon of vanilla remove. Spray baking sheet with nonstick aerosol. Drop dough by large tablespoons onto cookie sheet; flatten a little with a silicone spatula. Bake for 9-12 moments or until cookies are set. Remove from range and cool on cable rack. Cookies will keep inside a protected container for a couple days, or they can be frozen and reheated. Makes about 16 cookies. Martha 1. Puritan & Firm (Inman Sq in Cambridge) 2. Casa B (Union Square in Somerville - no T stop but worth a visit) 3. Windsor Dim Sum (Chinatown) 4. Catalyst (Kendall Rectangular in Cambridge) 5. Bronwyn (Union Square in Somerville) 6. Trina's Starlite Lounge (Inman Square in Cambridge) For brunch, I've long been partial to the North Street Grille within the North End (on North St - go fig). Masa within the South End on Tremont includes a great brunch aswell. Appreciate your trip!!! Can't wait to try making these! I actually 2nd the DUCK tour. I know it sounds corny nevertheless, you get yourself a great lay of the land and some great background all while having lots of fun trigger the drivers are great!(Image: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/66/a1/5c/66a15cfecc4ce5c55f570ae55f19799a.jpg) Then you can go back and do the neighborhoods you intend to see even more of. You can also grab the DUCK at the mall next to the Prudential building. The Barking Crab“ was a great dinner. Picnic tables all initiated under a roof on the drinking water - meet plenty of great people. Eating any old thing in Quincy Marketplace/Faneuil Hall is a great people watcher. Have fun! For a few laughs, get tickets to the Improv Asylum within the North End - so fun! We also added hemp hearts and chia 😛 Mine turned out too dry. Probably bananas should have been more ripe. These were thicker too. I may put in a pinch of sodium. Something was missing. My add ins had been coconut flakes, delicious chocolate chips, honey, peanut butter vanilla remove - very little of each. Honestly my 17 year old said these were rubbery. I believe I need to try again. I'm pretty past due upon this but We made them this last weekend! They weren't ideal, I have to play around using the measurements even more. My mistake was that I didn't see the part where you mix the oats first to produce a almond flour banana bread carbs, therefore i just put directly oats within. I made a huge batch because my bananas were about to ruin (5 of these) therefore i did 5 moderate bananas, 2 mugs of oats and some oat flour (I had both at home) merely to get the uniformity right. I mixed that together and got virtually the same persistence as making chocolate chip cookies (the ‘true' method). Then I added in chopped chocolates (didn't have potato chips, but I needed a bakers bar), chia seeds, and a few handfuls of chopped pecans. I baked them lengthy enough to get them crispy but it under no circumstances happened - they arrived chewy, probably because of the oats. They flavor great though, they sense just like a dessert so it's halting me from having richer sweets because I know I have these at home. 🂠I simply wish I possibly could encourage them to sharp up. I'll try using the oat flour next time rather than oats and see if it makes a difference. When you have any suggestions besides that to get them crispy, I'd want to understand! I so wanted this recipe to work folks. My husband cannot possess gluten, most grains, eggs, dairy, nuts, and more. I am a large baking fan, and also have been missing baking. So, I am trying to consider recipes that he is able to possess (no fun in baking a thing that he can't possess too), which is, I have discovered, hard. Therefore my high hopes for this formula that was recommended to us. Well, it didn't work at all for all of us. My bananas were very ripe, We used 3 medium, rather than the 2 huge ones indicated within the formula. Added a tiny bit of sugar, and vanilla. And do half a batch with raisins, half with dark chocolate potato chips. They were extremely dry out. Quite bland. This type of shame. I question what went incorrect. (If anybody provides recipes that match my husband's limitations above, please do share!)