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He was a kind, gentle, strong man. He only ever saw the best in people. He will be so truly missed by me, by his family and his friends and the world will be a poorer place without this most beautiful man,' Ms Milligan said. 

[The sharks] were knocking it onto the rocks. It like started turning around and then we could see it was the head and the legs,' she said.  Swimmers were evacuated from the water and the beach was closed. The body has since been recovered. 

We watch them enter a pitch black basement, stumbling through knee-deep water so radioactive the clicks on their Geiger counters merge into one continuous buzz. You feel their fear and claustrophobia and hear their labored breaths through their scuba equipment. Their flashlights dim, but they labor on. With millions of lives all over Europe at stake, it's the only thing they can do.

Her husband David and teenager daughters Darcy and Manny and the family's dogs were safe in nearby towns Ulladulla and Milton as they had left earlier in the day before the fire warning had been raised.

'I was trying to set my camera up to film this sea spider and then I noticed this little thing flashing on the rocks, I'd obviously disturbed it while I was trying to look at the spider and it was flashing at me to go away,' Mr Heuer told

Underwater photographer Duncan Heuer and his girlfriend were on an evening scuba dive 50 metres from shore at Camp Cove Beach in Watsons Bay last week when they spotted a blue-ring octopus hidden in the sand.

“In a special decision and to uphold its commitment to its valued Brazilian customers, Porsche has ensured that those units will be reproduced in the order in which they were originally confirmed,” a Porsche spokesperson wrote in an emailed statement confirming the restart of production. In total, 37 new Porsches were lost to Poseidon, who sounds like an avid Porschephile.

When potential additional catastrophes like the thermal explosion are averted, the show's characters greet the successes with weary resignation rather than joyous celebration. Because Chernobyl is like a disaster Pez dispenser delivering a continuous stream of terrible news. Even after the tanks are drained, coal miners are drafted to stop the meltdown from contaminating the groundwater and eventually poisoning the Black Sea.

The reason is called the Grande America. This cargo ship caught fire on its way from Germany to Brazil, where the cars in question were to be delivered to four very lucky owners. The ship sank, sending these carbon-fiber supercars to the bottom of the sea. According to Road & Track, those cars are located 140 nautical miles southwest of Brest, France, and are located some 15,000 feet below sea level. Sadly, it doesn't sound like you can free-dive your way to a new GT2 RS.

Then there's a lumbering Soviet bureaucracy struggling to respond. In a scene from the first episode almost as disturbing as the one in the basement, a bumbling group of local Communist Party officials deflect responsibility and debate what to do. Rather than evacuating the area immediately, they decide misinformation will only distract residents from “the fruits of their own labor.” (Despite alarmingly high radiation levels, the now ghost town of Pripyat wasn't evacuated until the day after the explosion.)

In a weird turn of events, Porsche has restarted production of the GT2 RS, a 700-horsepower RWD rocket with a Porsche badge slapped on it. Production originally ended in February, but now the automaker will manufacture another four cars for a reason you don't hear about very often.

'It obviously didn't like it too much… If we're trying to photograph them, we don't spend too much time trying because it's quite stressful for them,' Mr Heuer told The octopus species has claimed the lives of at least three people, including two in Australia and one in Singapore.

Legasov and Shcherbina, real people who are now deceased, are brilliantly played by Jared Harris and Stellan Skarsgård, respectively. Harris' best moments happen when his simmering exasperation suddenly erupts as he contradicts a government or military official with cold, hard facts. He's there not to downplay things. He's there to tell like it is. 

I'm not spoiling anything here because what happened is history. Ukraine is not a radioactive wasteland today so we know the workers succeeded. But how they did it is told in horrifying, utterly compelling detail. (Reportedly, the workers did not die right away, but the real Chernobyl death toll remains a topic of heavy debate).

Later in Moscow, as officials in Premier Mikhail Gorbachev's inner circle brief him on the news. They say there's nothing to worry about as the radiation released amounts to a “chest X-ray.” It takes Valery Legasov, a nuclear expert with the Science Academy of the USSR, to break through the stonewalling and explain to Gorbachev just how dire things are. Onlookers are shocked at Legasov's gall, but Gorby sends him and Minister of Energy Boris Shcherbina to Chernobyl to evaluate the situation manage the government response. 

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