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She said that the Peligoni Club - which has offices in Shepherds Bush, West London -should consider instructing an expert to see whether the club should have on site scuba equipment and staff that would allow them to perform a deep-water rescue.

In a change of scene, Santa Claus is donning flippers and a diving mask along with his traditional red-and-white outfit to scuba dive in a Paris aquarium as he teaches kids about global warming and climate issues during the festive season. The aquatic Santa, a professional diver and biologist, may be found swimming among the fish and even a zebra shark every day during the holiday weeks.

t. With so much of the dry land discovered and frankly ruined by shops, pavements and roads, the ocean represents one of the few truly untouched places we can explore and has a lot to offer. And then there are the incredibly moments of adventure and discovery that you will experience - finding something unusual on the sea bed and opting to try and bring it back to the surface; or finding a school of fish that swim around you unafraid and react to your ges

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At his inquest in October at the West London Coroner's Court, Dr. Fiona Wilcox heard that Harry had been free-diving using equipment borrowed from a friend and was diving in deeper water than he was normally used to. 

Diabetes treatments could be improved following the development of a dramatically modified form of human insulin, called ‘Mini-Ins', that successfully mimics the ultra-fast-acting properties of cone snail venom insulin w.

This is something great to say you can do and that will impress anyone you tell. Furthermore though you also learn some great transferable skills such as the sign language used by scuba divers, and some basic health and safety. Turning in the water is also surprisingly different when you're wearing that much equipment, and you will find you quickly become much more agile under

In a prevention of future deaths letter issued Friday, the coroner said the poor management of the watchtower system in place at the resort meant it could not be established who was on duty at the time . 


The fact is that the human eye can't see through water, it can do it only through air. So, it's important to have a good diving mask. A high-rate diving mask looks like a large pair of swimming goggles. It's added with a silicone seal that has a picket or seal for the human nose to prevent the diver from sucking in water. A professional diving mask is made to withstand high pressure underwater and plays a significant role in scuba diving equi


There are few ways that you can feel more adventurous, or get as wonderful a sense of exploration and discovery as being deep underwater. Here the world is completely different from above sea level 0 with incredibly creatures dwelling here, amazing natural rock formations, and just as wonderful fauna. You really do feel like you're on an alien p

A coroner has blasted the lack of safety measures at an exclusive Greek resort after the son of Princess Diana's lady-in-waiting died in a free-diving accident while working there as a water sports instructor. 

t. The dry suit is perfect for cold water diving. It doesn't allow water to ingress, so the human body remains dry underneath the suit. This kind of suit has built-in boots and seals around the neck, wrists and ankles. The dry suit is either produced from neoprene or a trilaminate membrane. You are also recommended to purchase neoprene gloves and hoods for additional warmth. The scuba diving equipment usually includes a dry suit as it's mainly designed for experienced d

Unfortunately, the human body is not similar to the one of marine animals who can swim underwater easily and safely. People in order to swim and breathe underwater need specially designed scuba diving equipment. It doesn't really matter whether you're a beginner or a skilled diver the proper equipment is necessary for each person to be able to swim underwater for a long period of 'We now have the capability to create a hybrid version of insulin that works in humans and that also appears to have many of the positive attributes of cone snail insulin,' says Danny Hung-Chieh Chou, one of the study authors. 

el If you are on holiday or travelling then that's when the ability to scuba dive really comes into its own. Now you will be able to dive wherever you are which will give you the ability to see another country in a whole new way - it's one of the only ways you will get to see something perhaps that no one else has seen b

t. The Fins: Any physical activity needs much energy. The same concerns swimming and to get that energy the diver needs much oxygen. Professional divers who reach great depths need to conserve energy as better as pos

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